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3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young

by Jeff Goins The other night, I had a conversation with a young lady who had a number of decisions ahead of her, which included whether she should go to grad school or travel the world. I told her to travel. Hands down. No excuses. Just go. The results are worth the costs. And she sighed. Photo credit: kokorowa (Creative Commons) “Yeah, but…” Never were more fatal words spoken: Yeah, but… what about debt?Yeah, but… what about my job?Yeah, but… what about my boyfriend (or dog or car or whatever)? “Yeah, but…” is pernicious. Because it makes it sound like we have the best of intentions when really we are just too scared to do what we should. It allows us to be cowards, while sounding noble. M

2 weeks Winter Itinerary in Europe (first time in Europe)

Paris-France, Amsterdam-The Netherlands, Cologne-Germany, Interlaken-Switzerland, Tuscany-Italy I have celebrated my birthday in Europe specifically in Paris, France which was December 2017 also the first time I traveled to Europe. Europe has always been my dream destination. I remember when I was started to blog about my dream travel that was 10 yrs ago. And who would have thought I had come to visit it. So here's my first winter travel in Europe for 2 weeks. Day 1- 3 Paris, France Who would have imagined that I have visited Paris? Though, I wasn't a fan of Paris but seeing Paris as one of the top tourist destinations was completely satisfying and unbelievable. Paris is Paris, its the fashi

8 Days Backpacking in Tokyo, Japan

Arrival to Haneda Airport International Terminal A Traveled to Saitama from Haneda Airport - where we booked our Airbnb via the train for 300 to 600 yen/ 11 to 23 RM per head. I traveled with a friend and we will be meeting two friends on the 4th Day, who are traveling in Tokyo as well. Booked Airbnb in Saitama, Japan for 12951 Yen / 500 RM - 45 mins from Tokyo (booked for Feb 4-6/ 3 nights) Day 2 Harajuku tour -  where to shop, eat, and drink in Tokyo’s ‘kawaii’ capital. Harajuku, is a colorful street, with youth fashion, vintage clothing stores and cosplay shops along Takeshita Street. Meiji Shrine – we spent the whole day roaming around Harajuku since this shrine is closed to Harajuku, we

Hacks for EUROPE Travel : Backpacker Tips

As for Filipina like me, when you say EUROPE, people would think EUROPE is always gonna be expensive especially for traveling. It's funny because some people would ask a lot of questions or even comment about what I do in life how do I afford to travel. Questions are like? Anong work mo, ganda siguro work mo? (What do you do for a living, maybe you a decent high paying job?) Bakit lagi kang nagttravel? Kasama ba yan sa work? (Why do you travel often, is it part of your job?) Laki siguro sahod mo no? (Maybe you earning so much) Siguro sponsored ka ng jowa mo? (Maybe your boyfriend is sponsoring you!) We can't control what people think about us. People will always judge no matter what we do. H

14 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary in 3 Days

BUDAPEST VLOG Budapest is actually divided into two cities. Buda and Pest divided by the river Danube. Buda - Definitely the classier and more residential side of the city, Buda is known for being a bit quieter and the place to go for a leisurely sightseeing experience. Pest - is Known for being where all of the action happens – the place to be touristy, hang out, and have fun. I've always been fascinated with Eastern European countries, Budapest - Hungary is one of the favorite cities so far. Budapest has a lot to offer in my opinion, although I only spent like 3 days in Budapest which I know it's not enough as I wasn't able to explore more however it was the best time of my traveling/ba

3 Days Backpacking in Krabi, Thailand

So I had a few days off from work so I and my friend decided to go to Krabi, Thailand because I found very cheap flight rates on that day. Arrived in Krabi, Thailand around 7 pm. This trip was unplanned so I did the just-go-with-the-flow itinerary. The first day, we just rested, we checked in to Hula Hula resort for 530 RM for 3 nights = 176 / night. It was a Lil bit far from the Ao Nang beach like 15 mins walk but it was okay. The Hotel was superb as well as the staff they were very helpful. We've got the standard room with a balcony, we loved the hotel. They provide free shuttle going to the airport and to the beach. Hula Hula Resort Day 1 Ao Nang Beach The next day, We went for Rock climb


A Filipina, working in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; who works in a 9 hr corporate IT job. So, I don't travel for work. I can only travel when I have available holidays. I am a single mom, I have a wonderful son who doesn't live with me but with my mom in the Philippines.

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