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How Travel heals my Anxiety

Who else is struggling with this Lockdown? I have not been doing good lately, mentally, and emotionally. Being stuck in one place makes me unfunctional, makes me overthink things, makes me lose my sanity and low. As a traveler, being stuck at home not being able to go out even for a run or have an afternoon walk is mentally exhausting. Normally, I tend to travel at least once a month to sustain my sanity as ever since, traveling helped me a lot to be able to keep me sane. It's one way of releasing my stress from a very stressful IT job. During this lockdown, I had some episodes in which I cry almost every other day. Sometimes, I feel like its not valid, there are times I feel it is. Differ


A Filipina, working in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; who works in a 9 hr corporate IT job. So, I don't travel for work. I can only travel when I have available holidays. I am a single mom, I have a wonderful son who doesn't live with me but with my mom in the Philippines.

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