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2 Weeks FALL Backpacking In Eastern Europe (2nd time in Europe - 58k Php Travel ALL-IN)

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Budapest, Hungary- Bratislava, Slovakia - Vienna, Austria - Krakow, Poland - Prague, CzechRepublic

Oh Yes! I visited Europe again for the second time around and this time, is the cheapest part of Europe, Eastern Europe except for Austria (Austria is in the Central Region).

Europe is always been my dream place. I'm just so in love with Europe with their; 4 seasons weather, historical places, stunning architecture, European food, bread, wine, cheese, pastries, fashion, colorful houses, canal, people, countries are so close to each other, easy access to everything, and a lot more. Too many to mention why I love Europe.

The European vibe is just different. Trust me.

I did Solo backpacking because I wanted to meet and gain more friends all over the world.

I have met a few amazing people along the way from Budapest, traveled with them to Slovakia. Went Solo again in Poland. Then I met amazing Mexican people in Prague.

I traveled to 5 countries for 2 weeks or 12 days to be exact. These countries are; Budapest- Hungary, Bratislava - Slovakia, Vienna - Austria, Krakow - Poland, Prague - Czech Republic.

Please take note: this is my personal itinerary and whenever I travel I always do DIY, as I'm a kind of traveler that I want to control my time. One reason why I travel solo.

Here's my 12 days ITINERARY for Eastern Europe.

Budapest, Hungary (Oct 1-3)

 - Is actually walk-able same as the other European countries, so you can walk from one place to another as long as you have your Google maps with you, It's my Bestfriend. I love walking so I don't find it hard to walk all day. In fact, I have walked 22 km a day for this trip, which could be very tiring but this is the beauty of traveling. you have to be tired and exhausted otherwise you're not having fun. 

Day 1

  • Visited Fisherman Bastion

  • Visited Stephens Basilica ( Entrance 600 Hungarian forint = 2 euro)

  • Walked around Budapest at Night

  • Visited Liberty bridge,

  • Visited Elizabeth bridge

  • Visited Chain bridge

  • Visited Buda Funicular Hill

Budapest, Hungary VLOG

Day 2

  • Went to FamousThermal Bath (20 euro - THIS IS A MUST, otherwise you're missing out the fun in Budapest!)

The Gellért Baths and Spa - Budapest is a unique city in more than one way. For those who love spa and wellness, it is unique for being the only large city in the world, which abounds in fountains of healing water. 70 million liters of 21-78 Celsius warm thermal water spring forth daily from its 118 natural thermal springs.

Bath Units

The pools in Gellert Bath total of 12 units, the following in specific:

Two effervescent bath sections - a large, 246m2 effervescent bath pool with 27°C water temperature, and a smaller, 60m2 sitting pool, with 36°C water temperature.

Three outdoor pools - a 500m2 wave bath pool, with 26°C water temperature, a 94m2 sitting pool with fancy facilities, and 36°C water temperature.

Eight thermal bath departments, where the water temperature varies from 21°C to 40°C.

  • Joined the FREE Walking tour at Night - which covers the communism. You can check the schedule for Budapest walking tours from this blog

Free Walking Tour

Day 3

Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

  • Early traveled to Bratislava, Slovakia at 6 AM via Flixbus for 8 €

  • Arrived Brastislava, Slokavia for 3 hrs Bus

  • Had Half day Sight Seeing in Bratislava

  • Joined a FREE WALKING TOUR - covering century 20th tour with old and Newtown palace in the Old town city of Bratislava.

Bratislava, Slovakia VLOG

Vienna, AUSTRIA (Oct 3-4)

  • Night- traveled to Vienna, Austria via Flixbus for 8 €

  • Slept in Vienna, Austria

  • Had A whole day tour in Vienna

  • Visited Hofburg Baroque Palace

  • Visited St. Stephens Cathedral

  • Visited the Vienna State of Opera

  • Went to a Pub in Vienna for Dinner

Vienna, Austra VLOG

Day 4

  • Night Traveled to Krakow, Poland - 7 hrs via flixbus for 12 €

Krakow, Poland (Oct 5-8)

Day 5

  • Walked around the main square in Krakow at night.

  • Checked Souvenir market in Krakow, Poland

  • Had dinner at the famous Krakow food truck tasted some local polish food such as Pan Kumpir - baked potato with stuff on it (i don't know much about cooking so yeah) but I had like a Mexican kumpir so it tasted like chili con carne but its a potato on it.  dumplings, sour soup, I had cooked beef in a bread called bigos. Well, I didn't really like it, because I'm not really into the meat. but it's good to taste local food at times when traveling.

Krakow, Poland VLOG

Day 6

  • Traveled to Auschwitz Concentration Camp - for 3 hr  

Bus rate - 15 Poland Zloty = 16 RM = 3.34 €

Food - 15 Poland Zloty = 16 RM = 3.34 €

Auschwitz Concentration Camp  

  • Was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II. It consisted of Auschwitz I (the original concentration camp), Auschwitz II–Birkenau (a combined concentration/extermination camp), Auschwitz III–Monowitz (a labor camp to staff an IG Farben factory), and 45 satellite camps. Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers. Over 1.1 million men, women, and children lost their lives here.

No photos needed inside the camp as it may seem very brutal and depressing

Day 7 

  • Traveled to Zapokane, Poland for 3 hrs 4

  • Traveled to Zapokane, Poland - a town in the extreme south of Poland. It lies in the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. We were not able to visit Morskie Okot as its too late. So we took a tram going to Gubałówka is a mountain in the Gubałówka Range above the Polish town of Zakopane. 

Bus rate - 20 Poland Zloty = 22 RM = 4.59 €

Food -  15 Poland Zloty = 16 RM = 3.34 €

Zakopane, Poland

Prague, Czech Republic (Oct 8-11)

Day 8

  • Traveled to Prague, the Czech Republic via Plane Ryanair

  • Please take note that for Ryanair, you MUST do an online/web check-in 2 days before your flight to avoid 50 € fine/penalty, it's their Policy.FFS! Unless you have reserved a seat you may check 4 hrs before your flight. Always check your email!

  • Stayed in a Czech Inn Hostel - 12 € per night

  • Had a Night tour in Prague Old Town Square where you can see St Vitus Cathedral etc.

  • Had dinner in some food trucks where you can buy their Famous Czech Sausage which is very good for just 4 €.

Day 9

  • Walked around the Centre of Prague

  • Went to some overlooking spots or they call it Towers. I am a very fan of any overlooking and I love all of them.

Day 10

  • Took A tram going to Prague Castle

  • Visited Prague Castle

  • Climbed 299 Steps to Petrin Hill

  • Visited Petrin Hill and garden

  • Enjoyed the scenery of Petrin view while having a snack

  • Visited Vyšehrad Cemetery

  • Visited John Lennon Wall

  • Watched the Changing of the Guard

  • Checked the narrowest street in Prague

  • Went to Charles Bridge

  • Went to Lovers Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic VLOG

Budapest, Hungary (Oct 11-12)

Day 11

  • Traveled back to Budapest, Hungary for 7 hrs via Flixbus - 13 €

  • Walked around Budapest at night as BUDAPEST is best at night.

  • Hiked up to Buda Overlooking Pest - along Citadella in Gellert Hill. We walked over the Chain Bridge from Buda. We took the steps. There are about 186 steps from the bottom to the top but there are stretches of pathways with no steps so you can take a breather. The entire climb took us all about 30 to 40 minutes in total. We didn't actually go in the Castle but managed to spend over an hour walking around taking some stunning photos of the views over the Danube. The views are amazing and it is well worth the walk up to see them. Even better, it's free!!

  • Went to The Hungarian Parliament Building, also known as the Parliament of Budapest after its location, is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination in Budapest. It is situated in Kossuth Square, in the Pest side of the city and on the banks of the Danube


Roundtrip ticket via British Airways

  • RM 2600/ 548 € / 30, 924 php

Pocket Money

  • I brought 800 € (3800 RM/ 45,144.79 Php) with me but I only spent 450 € (2157 RM/ 25,393 Php)  = RM 2157

Hotels and Hostels are included in the pocket money since I booked from - everything is payable via cash (pay to the apartment) and I booked using my debit card as its policy to reserve the room.


  • International Simcard 80 RM/ 17 € covers 37 European countries I bought it from Hello1010.

Hotels, Apartment and Hostels Rates below:

  • Budapest - 29  € for 2 nights

  • Vienna - 24.40  € for 1 night 

  • Krakow - 42.34  € for 3 nights

  • Prague - 8 € for 1 night 

  • Prague - 59 €  for 2 nights(paid by a friend)

  • Budapest - 22 € for 1 night 


  • 2600 RM/ 548 € / 30, 924 php (FLIGHT) + 2157 RM / 450 € / 25,393 Php (POCKET MONEY) + 78 RM/17 € / 959 php (SIM CARD)

  • RM 4835 / 1024 € / 57, 785 php


  • You may apply a visa depending on which country you're going to first or your first entry point. I always apply in France as its one of the easiest and not too strict in terms of visa application in Kuala Lumpur.

  • if you are a risk-taker like me, you can apply to a Schengen country you are not going to or not your first entry, just for you to have an easy process.

  • For example; Let's say your first entry point is Denmark (assuming you don't wanna go to France or France is not your first entry point) - you can still apply in France because its easy to apply in France. Although Denmark is a part of Schengen - it may be difficult for you to apply as not all Schengen visa has the same process. However there's a catch - you need to make your itinerary as France is your first entry point, not Denmark of course. This is not recommended for first-time travelers. The first-time travelers to the EU must follow the normal process - apply to your first entry point.


For any questions please comment below:

Credits to the amazing people I met in Europe that I will never forget, who actually took care of me, treated me for my food, hang out with me, and traveled with me. You know who you are. Thank you very much.

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A Filipina, working in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; who works in a 9 hr corporate IT job. So, I don't travel for work. I can only travel when I have available holidays. I am a single mom, I have a wonderful son who doesn't live with me but with my mom in the Philippines.

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