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3 Days Backpacking in Krabi, Thailand

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

So I had a few days off from work so I and my friend decided to go to Krabi, Thailand because I found very cheap flight rates on that day. Arrived in Krabi, Thailand around 7 pm. This trip was unplanned so I did the just-go-with-the-flow itinerary.

The first day, we just rested, we checked in to Hula Hula resort for 530 RM for 3 nights = 176 / night. It was a Lil bit far from the Ao Nang beach like 15 mins walk but it was okay. The Hotel was superb as well as the staff they were very helpful. We've got the standard room with a balcony, we loved the hotel. They provide free shuttle going to the airport and to the beach.

Hula Hula Resort

Day 1

Ao Nang Beach

The next day, We went for Rock climbing in Railay Rock Climbing beach. We booked this tour from the hotel, costing 1200 bhat = 160 RM for half day. I mean the half-day is enough for you unless you wanna go for a course. I love to climb and it's my bucket list to climb for outdoor and in real rock.

Highlights for Railay Rock Climbing Limestone cliffs that are great for beginners and intermediate rock climbers. You will learn basic top-rope climbing and belay techniques. Also, Rock climbing in Krabi on a half-day rock-climbing tour from Railay Beach that includes all the equipment and instruction you need to get on the rock. A low climber-to-instructor ratio ensures a safe, fun day of rock climbing on the spectacular cliffs above Railay or Phra Nang, with both morning and afternoon climbing sessions available.

Departure Point: Climbing school near Ao Nang and Railay Beach.

Duration: 4h Free Pickup from the hotel

Day 2

Rock Climbing in Railay Beach


Experiencing this rock climbing in Railay was superb and amazing. I couldn't say anything but it was worth it. I was dead tired and I never expected this was way harder than the wall climbing. So after rock climbing, you can swim at Railay Beach. You can ask your driver to wait for you for another 1 hour so you have time to swim at the beach. Please don't miss it.

Its always been on my bucket list to try outdoor climbing - an extreme one. It was a half-day rock climbing and believe me when I say this is wayyyyyy harder than the Indoor wall climbing 100x harder. Because indoor, you know your way, outdoor you have to find your way up. I climbed 5 rocks and the last one was the extreme one. It was 25m high and took me 16 mins to climb and finish. I was too sweaty, tired, hands shaking and the rocks were slippery that I even wanted to give up but I was thinking I already reached the top and it would be amazing to finish it. I haven't been climbing for months but again real rock climbing is literally one of the best experiences.

Railay Beach

Roaming around Krabi at night

Enjoy Thai FOOD because Thai food is one of the best


Roundtrip ticket via Airasia

  • 185 RM / 2263 PHP

Pocket Money

  • 300 RM/ 3670 PHP (including food, climbing, shopping)


  • Used my own malaysian sim for roaming

  • for 10 RM per day - I just used for 1 day

Hotel from

  • 530 RM for 3 nights/ 2 pax = 176 / night = 265 RM / 3241 PHP


  • 185 RM (FLIGHT) + 300 RM (POCKET MONEY) + 10 RM (DATA SERVICE) + 265 RM = RM 760/ 9120 PHP

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