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Regions of Europe

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Europe are the four European regions as defined by the UN Geoscheme for Europe.

The UN Statistics Division has created the UN Geoscheme for Europe that subdivides the continent into four divisions for statistical convenience. These divisions put European countries in one of four groups: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern, and Southern Europe. The UN Geoscheme specifies the countries included in each of these divisions. However, this system of division of Europe is not the only official division that is made. Several other systems dividing Europe into many parts on the basis of geography, politics, and culture also exist.

The Four European Regions As Defined By The United Nations Geoscheme For Europe

A map showing the regions of Europe, Northern Europe (orange), Western Europe (green), Southern Europe (red), and Eastern Europe (purple).

Eastern Europe

  1. Belarus

  2. Bulgaria

  3. Czech Republic

  4. Hungary

  5. Poland

  6. Moldova

  7. Romania

  8. Russia

  9. Slovakia

  10. Ukraine

Northern Europe

  1. Aland Islands

  2. Denmark

  3. Estonia

  4. Faroe Islands

  5. Finland

  6. Guernsey

  7. Iceland

  8. Ireland

  9. Isle of Man

  10. Jersey

  11. Latvia

  12. Lithuania

  13. Norway

  14. Sark

  15. Svalbard and Jan Mayen

  16. Sweden

  17. United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Southern Europe

  1. Albania

  2. Andorra

  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  4. CroatiaGibraltar

  5. Greece

  6. Italy

  7. Republic of Macedonia

  8. Malta

  9. Montenegro

  10. Portugal

  11. San Marino

  12. Serbia

  13. Slovenia

  14. Spain

  15. Vatican City

Western Europe

  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. France

  4. Germany

  5. Liechtenstein

  6. Luxembourg

  7. Monaco

  8. Netherlands

  9. Switzerland

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